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     Virtual Automations, the leader in Process Automation solutions, which has been supplying, providing Automation products/solutions for Process industries since the early 2006s.Group Virtual has been evolved over the years into a powerful Automation solution provider. Today we provide our customers not only technology and products, but also we stand with highly skilled consulting and support services to help in realizing your solutions. Thus we create much more security in all questions for decision, before, during and after a project. Convinced by our mission statement and our high quality, our customers keep coming back to us - in contrast to our products.

  • We offer a wide range of demanding components for industrial automation. Before add a product to our portfolio, it goes through tests and conformance tests. This ensures that we will always offer what you expect from us - the highest industrial quality combined with enormous robustness.

  • In the selection of our distributed products, we always careful not to encourage duplicate product lines, by that way we can satisfy our principles as well as our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering every solution, from simple products sale to complete turnkey projects.

  • To work together on projects is a fundamental key to success in our company. To achieve goals as a team, strengthens the community, motivates and stimulates the creativity and that shows our work environment. Teamwork is not only important for the internal resources, in close cooperation with our customers we always give everything to achieve the maximum.

  • By the time when better productivity, efficiency and labor-saving techniques are in demand at the front lines of manufacturing, demands for more attention to the environment, safety and peace of mind have never been greater. From controllers to drive control devices, power distribution control equipment and industrial mechatronics, we serve our customers as a comprehensive Industrial automation and utilize our advanced engineering techniques to provide reliable Industrial automation solutions with an eye to the next generation of manufacturing.

  • You have visions, which you want to implement? Well, then just contact us! Together we will find optimal solutions.