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Anti Scaling Device

About Aqua Electrix:
Scaling is a major problem for the industry. Until now, the only reliable solution was expensive chemical scale inhibitors. In an era of environmental concerns, these traditional methods are simply outdated after several years of research and development, AQUA ELECTRIX, has developed a compact, state of-the art, electronic Anti-Scaling system to solve hard water problems without the need of chemicals, water softeners, and continuous maintenance. This innovative product produces an oscillating electronic field using a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that produces an inaudible sonic impulse that changes the electrical and physical properties of the calcium carbonate crystals and other Minerals to repel rather than adhere to pipes, fixtures and heat transfer surfaces.

Key Elements:
  • Prevents Scale Accumulation
  • Removes Existing Scale
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Eliminates Toxic Chemicals
  • Reduces Corrosiony
  • Controls Algae & Bacteria
  • Huge Energy Savings
  • Reduces Maintenance & Downtime

Problems with Traditional water Softening Methods:
All Traditional Water softeners have a negative impact on the environment. They add Sodium chlorides to waste water which then becomes a contaminant causing a major recycling problem for Municipal water departments. Many industries are banning the use of these kinds of traditional methods and searching for a new user friendly green device.
Aqua Electrix is the ideal green product for your organization. With Aqua Electrix, your company can do your part of protect the environment and also protecting bits bottom line. Aqua Electrix doesn't use slat and will save you as much as 20% in Energy, water and sewer bills while at the same time helping our Environment stay green.
Working Principle of Aqua Electrix:
"This innovative product produces an oscillating electronic field using a unique and complex modulating frequency wave from that changes the physical shape, size and charge of the calcium molecule and causes them to lose their adhesive properties."

Benefits for your entire operation:
Cooling Towers
Huge savings in maintenance, biocide chemicals, labor and water usage. AQUA ELECTRIX reduces scale buildup, bacteria, Biofilm, corrosion and algae blooms. It will reduce makeup water/ blow downs substantially, resulting in huge water savings. It will increase life of equipment and lower energy costs by about 10%.
Chillers/Condensers/Air handlers
Lime scale deposit control on heat exchanger tubes and surfaces resulting in energy savings of 5-7%.
Huge savings in chemicals and labor maintenance. Reduces scale formation on boiler fire tubes, tank, pumps, pipes and valves. Lowers energy costs by 25% and extends equipment life.
Housekeeping/general cleaning
Huge savings are realized in all phases of cleaning including the bathrooms and in the kitchen because there is less scale buildup in toilets, showers, nozzles and faucets. Reduced labor and savings inclining chemicals benefit your bottom line.
Plumbing system
Your entire building's plumbing system will be de-scaled without any chemicals or re-plumbing. This results in huge savings in heating costs. If the plumbing ever needed replacement in the building, the cost would be astronomical.