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Modicon Quantum - Large PLC for Process applications & high availability solutions
Quantum provides well-balanced CPUs able to provide leading performance from boolean to floating-point instruction...
. 5 IEC languages as standard: LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL, the Modicon LL984 language to facilitate installed base migration.
. High-level multitasking system
. Memory capacity up to 7 Mb using PCMCIA extensions
. Specially shaped for process control applications with conformal coated modules, and an extensive catalogue of partner modules
. Safety processors and I/O modules to manage safety integrated systems
. Plug & Play high-performance Hot-Standby solutions with LCD keypad for local monitoring
. Numerous built-in ports (USB port, Ethernet TCP/IP port with Web server, Modbus Plus and at least one Modbus serial port) on the front panel
. In-rack connectivity to Profibus-DP, embedded Ethernet router
. Increase the availability of your architecture with the CRA and CRP Quantum Ethernet I/O modules (QEIO)
. Thanks to the Modicon X80 drops, expand your architecture and integrate easily your distributed devices in the same network (such as HMI, variable speed drives, I/O islands...)
Choose performance
Offering a large range of processors, Modicon Quantum is ideal for complex processes. The power of its processors results in optimum cycle times, while integrating ever more communication functions, diagnostics, memory flexibility and data storage. The Quantum Safety system is now available, certified TUV Rheinland, simple to use and ready to be integrated in your automated system.
More flexibility
Chose the best topology, daisy chain loop, ring, star, bus… for the design of your Ethernet architecture.
Higher availability
Hot-standby CPUs and daisy chain loop topology improve the availability of your process. In case of cable fails, the recovery time is less than 50 ms for an entire Quantum Ethernet I/O architecture.
. Process control
. Safety
. Infrastructure
Modicon Premium - Large PLC for Discrete or Process applications and high availability solutions
With the new Premium processors in the Unity range, there is no need to worry about restrictions...
. 5 IEC languages as standard: LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL.
. High performance CPUs with 37 ns per instruction and up to 7 Mb of programme
. High-level multitasking system
. A compact system (very high density modules) particularly at ease in extended architectures (distribution of 16 racks in real time without repeater)
. An extensive catalogue of application-specific modules(safety, reflex processing, counter, position control, motion, weighing, data storage)
. New High End processors
. All Ethernet TCP/IP Transparent Ready services: IO scanning, Global Data, Web server, e-mail messaging, direct access to databases, TCP Open, Network Time Protocol, etc.
. Numerous built-in ports: USB port, Ethernet TCP/IP port with Web server, CANopen or FIP master port, Modbus serial port
. The widest connectivity offer on the market:AS-Interface, Modbus Plus, INTERBUS or PROFIBUS DP
Winning products right across the board
More flexibility and openness...
Premium offers unrivalled performance, reducing cycle times and avoiding any need for optimisation, thanks to the integration of more diagnostics and production data, freedom of communication and access to generic programming.
. Complex and special machines
. Manufacturing processes
. Infrastructure
Modicon M340 - Mid range PLC for industrial process and infrastructure
Far more than a PLC, our Modicon Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) are built to suit the needs of the process industry and a wide range of demanding automation applications.
Modicon M340 can be used individually but is also the perfect companion of Modicon Premium and Modicon Quantum, increasing the performance, the quality and the profitability of your industrial process, facilities or of your machines.
"All-in-one CPU"
. 7 Kinst/ms
. Multitasking system for guaranteed reflex time
. USB port for programming and HMI
. 2 additional ports as required: Ethernet, CANopen, Modbus.
Comfortable memory
. Programming code up to 70 Kinst.
. Application back-up in supplied memory card
. Additional file storage up to 128 MB with FTP access.
Specific applications
. Integrated RTU solution for Water, O&G, Power and Infrastructures
. Process control (Integrated Process Control library)
. High density analog I/O modules (New)
. Counting PTO module
And more...
. No battery required
. Extended temperature (-25°C +70°C)
. Protection of SI and OEM's know-how by the SD card technology
Compact-shaped, Modicon M340 offers in small box flexibility and integrated functions. In the heart of your process, it provides you Plug&Work solutions with both Schneider Electric and third party devices. The large capacity of Unity Pro SoCollaborative software will ease and shorten your programming and commissioning time.
. Process industries
. Renewable energies (Solar, Wind power,...)
. Water, Cement
. Manufacturing
. Infrastructures
. Machines
Modicon M580 - ePac - With Ethernet built right into its core
Modicon M580 is the world's first ePAC - with Ethernet built right into its core. Its gives you the power to design your automation architecture without constraint, by allowing to mix your remote and distributed I/O on the same network. You capitalize on X80 modules to reduce your maintenance and training costs and benefit from the latest technology and standards.
Modicon M580 - ePAC is the controller of choice for our collaborative and integrated automation architecture, PlantStruxure.
Develop, implement, and operate a process with all the benefits of open networking:
. MORE visibility of key process data and events
. MORE transparency and consistency of information
. MORE capacity for data traffic
Achieve a more productive and efficient process
By embedding standard unmodified Ethernet right into its core, Modicon M580 offers you more transparency, flexibility and openness so you can access the right production information at the right time, and achieve a more productive and efficient process.
. Data management speed up to twice
. Timestamping less than 1 millisecond
. Open Ethernet backbone
. High-tech PAC
. High precision
. Safety designed for future
. Energy efficiency enabling
. Cyber secure built-in
Easy and flexible:
. Design your architecture without constraints
. Modify your process and architecture in run
. Diagnose remotly
. Reduce your development costs
. Secure investments
Medium process applications:
. Water and Waste Water plant
. Food and Beverage
. MMM especially Cement
. Hydro power
. Infrastructure
Logic controller - Modicon M238 - 20 to 248 I/O, 0.3 μs per Instruction
Optimize your machine design
High ratio performance / cost with efficient embedded features dedicated to simple axis motion control
(high speed counting, PTO, application function blocks)
Secure your investment and development flexibility
Embedded CANopen master to allow easy and adaptable architectures
Fit the control configuration
Economic digital, analogue or high speed counting expansion modules.
Advanced features embedded
. 8 high speed counting up to 100kHz, 4 PTO/PWM (only with 24VDC models ) outputs, fast outputs for reflex actions
. 1 or 2 RS232/RS485 serial line for HMI connection or peripherals devices
Easy to program and commissioning
. Removable connectors 1 dedicated USB port and programmable
. SoMachine software with ready-to-use automation system function libraries
Discover : "Flexible Machine Control"
. 1 software environment SoMachine
. Multiple hardware control platforms :
- Logic controllers Modicon M238
- Logic controllers Modicon M258
- Motion controllers Modicon LMC058
- HMI controllers Magelis XBTGC
- Drive controllers Altivar IMC
A power center at the service of your machines
The Modicon M238 programmable controllers provide simple and intelligent solutions to meet all your business needs.
provide a optimised solution to repetitive machines based on high speed counting and simple positioning features for 1 to 4 axis through PTO channels or CANopen.
General machine control
Programmable Controller - Twido - 10 to 100 I/O 1 µs per Instruction
Twido Compact
. "All in one" product, screw terminal connection
. 10 compact bases, 10, 16, 24 and 40 I/O, including 6 expandable bases using 4 to 7 digital (different connection methods) or analog I/O modules, together with options: display, real-time clock, memory… . Supply 24 V DC or 100… 240 V AC
. Modbus, CANopen, Ethernet (integrated on 40 I/O)
Twido Modular
. Very compact (40 I/O within 95 x 90 x 70 mm), removable screw terminals or HE10 (pre-wired) connection
. 5 bases, 20 or 40 I/O, expandable using 4 to 7 digital (different connection methods) or analog I/O modules, together with options: display, real-time clock, memory…
. Supply 24 VDC
. Modbus, CANopen, Ethernet
Twido Extreme
. IP67, temperature -40° to +110°C
. 1 non expandable base, 41 I/O (Digital, Analog or PWM)
. Supply 12 or 24 VDC
. Modbus, CANopen, CAN J1939 integrated
Input/Output TM2
. 15 digital I/O modules (transistors or relays)
. 12 analog I/O modules (0...10V,0...20mA, temperature,...)
Your peace of mind
Open to numerous communication networks, flexible due to its 3 basic types (Compact, Modular and Extreme) and wide range of I/Os, Twido and its associated TwidoSuite software provide simple and astute solutions for all your predicaments.
. Simple stand-alone installations: lighting management, heating and air conditioning, access control, control/monitoring...
. Repetitive and compact machines: conveyers, lifts, automatic dispensers..