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HMI (Terminals and Industrial PC)

Magelis SCU - HMI controller for small machine and simple process control
The integrated design of Magelis SCU delivers maximum functionality while keeping installation easy. Especially suitable for small machines and simple processes control, its state-of-the-art display provides a crystal-clear readability.
--> You save time
- Installation is easy, cabling is simple with:
the Ø 22mm mounting system
the rear module snapped on a DIN rail via an ingenious remote cable, or attached to the display
--> You save cost
- Magelis SCU consists of :
a modular STU screen, and the flexible mechanical mounting system Ø 22mm hole
a rear module with cheap and powerful electronic embedding I/O and full ste of communication ports.
Less wire is necessary, and the cost of Magelis SCU is lower than the usual equipment for simple machines consiting of a PLC + a display
--> You save space
- Magelis SCU helps you to save the space that is normally reserved for a PLC, making it suitable even for installations with very limited space.
See additional links to discover the richness of Magelis range.
Magelis SCU : the new generation of small HMI controllers
> State of the art display
> Rich communication capabilities
> Single software suite SoMachine
> Easy machine maintenance and upgrade
. Small machines
. Pumping
. Packaging
Magelis XBT GC, GT/GK with control - 18 to 96 I/O
A large range of HMI controllers for your machines
XBT GC : Comptactness & Integration
. 3 screens types, 4 connections options (USB, Serial Line, CANopen & Ethernet
. 3 I/O categories (Embedded, extensions modules or distributed CANopen Telefast option for embedded I/Os
HSC100Khz & 4 PTO 65Khz
. Web Gate web server (Ethernet version)
XBT GT/GK : Flexibility & Openness
. 20 Magelis XBT GT/GK becomes HMI Controllers
. From 5 ''7 monochrome up to 15'' color screen
. Touch or Keyboard user-interface
. Serial lines, Ethernet & CANopen
. Advanced features (Video, data sharing, data logging, high-brightness...)
Discover : "Flexible Machine Control"
. 1 software environment SoMachine
. Multiple hardware control platforms :
- Logic controllers Modicon M238
- Logic controllers Modicon M258
- Motion controllers Modicon LMC058
- Drive controllers Altivar IMC
With control inside

The Magelis XBT GC HMI controller combines human machine interface and control system functions in a single product. The high level of integration makes it extremely compact while simplifying control system equipment. Highly economical, this product helps reduce costs throughout the life cycle of your machines, regardless of production run length or the level of customization.
General machine control
Magelis Box PC & Panel PC - Industrial PC certified for automation
The industrial PC Magelis Box PC and Panel PC are available in 3 versions:
. Optimum (Panel PC) with fanless Intel Atom Z CPU.
. Universal: up to 2 PCI/PCIe slots and fanless Intel Atom N or iCore CPU
. Performance: up to 5 PCI/PCIE slots, and Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26Ghz or i3 CPU without fan.
They benefit from a complete set of components:
. Removable drives : Compact flash or CFast (SLC technology), SSD (MTBF 1,5 M hours >= 60 GB,) or hard drive (enterprise 24/7 >= 500 GB)
. Up to 5 USB ports and dual Gigabit Ethernet
. Up to 2 DVI and 5 serial lines
. DVD-RW (depending on the model)
. Different Microsoft operating systems (WES2009, XP, Ws 7 64...)
. Vijeo Designer run time demo and SCADA Vijeo Citect supervisor option
The Magelis iPC range proposes specific options for the most demanding applications:
. Redundant RAID hard disk
. Battery back-up

This offer is compatible with Magelis iDisplay screens.

Robust and certified for automation applications
Magelis Box PC and Panel PC have a robust construction and are certified for automation products (UL508), hazardous locations and marine (depending on the model).
Box PC are easy to install in electrical enclosures thanks to their book format and 24VDC power supply. Panel PC are AC or DC power supply, with IP 65 touch screen and LED backlight
Ready to be integrated with an IT structure
Dual gigabit Ethernet to separate data flow based on Microsoft operating systems allowing:
. large data storage management
. connectivity to PC devices, data bases
. multi-tasking capabilities
Choice of design suitable to customer needs
You can choose among various configurations
> optimized design, with affordable and maintenance-free Panel PC,
> modular design, with complete range of Box or Panel PC, including high performance options.
In addition of the pre-defined products from the catalogue, The Magelis range offers industrial PC made to order according to your configuration.

Any industrial application:

Environment with dust and vibration:
. Magelis iPC maintenance free without fan, then no filter cleaning
. Magelis iPC without rotating storage drive.
Standard industrial environment:
. Magelis iPC with hard drive
Demanding environment for cleanliness:
. Magelis Panel PC with stainless steel front panel
Magelis iDisplay - Industrial displays
Industrial new external display range

. To be connected on Magelis Modular iPC but also with any 3rd party PC including office PC.
. 15" TFT XGA 1024 X 768
. 19" TFT SXGA 1280 X 1024
. Touch screen with serial and USB interface
. AC input power
. Same dimension as Magelis Smart & Compact IPC 15"
. Certified UL 508 - CSA
The industrial PC ideal partner
Industrial flat screen monitors, they are designed for use with PCs. Featuring LCD TFT technology, they offer excellent viewing comfort and extended service life
. Infrastructures
. Automotive
. Food & Beverage
Magelis GTO - Advanced Optimum panels
. Beautiful Screen
- TFT 65 Kcolors for all screen sizes to allow good monitor conditions for operators. - LED backlight for the whole range enabling energy saving. Complete dimming functionality available for specific applications like Marine, or to reduce power consumption.
- Availability of a 7" wide display offering up to 40% more graphic space than standard 5"7 for equivalent price.
. Easy connectivity
- Embedded Ethernet for all terminals with wide choice of web services (Webgate, Ftp server, Diag server) and 2 Serial lines for communications with devices on the machines.
- Up-to-date interfaces ( USB 2.0 , SD cards ) to allow easy maintenance and good peripheral links.
- The 4 Gb SD card allows large log files capability, and the new mini-USB port allows downloads with standard cable.
. Easy Installation / Operation
- Same cut-out than Magelis XBTGT range, for an easy substitution by keeping the same design of your machine.
- Minimum way for connectors location to offer a better cabling of the panels.
- Unique fast connection power plug for the whole range.
- Only 4 installation fasteners for the whole range
- Addition of function keys on 3"5 and 7" wide displays with good click feeling to allow space saving in visualization and simultaneous actions on buttons for Safety.
. Easy environment adaptation
- Magelis GTO operating now up to 55 for hot environment.
- Worldwide certifications including hazardous locations (ISA 1212, ATEX Cat 3 certificates) and Marine "Bridge and Deck" to allow installation in these specifics applications.
- Smart environmental covers accessory to protects against chemical and oil substances in machine tools environment.
. Availability of rugged panels for specific applications
- Stainless steel panels and conformal coating for applications in Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical industry.
Magelis GTO : the first optimized terminal that does'nt compromise features and performances
. State of the art display
. Optimized communication
. Easy to install and sustainable offer
. Adapted to your environment
. Availability of stainless steel panel for food and beverage applications.
. Industry: compact machines, handling systems, food & beverage machines, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
Magelis STO & STU - Small panels
Magelis STO & STU terminals adapt to your needs by integrating the latest technology innovations to enhance the productivity of your machines:
. Unique software configuration
. Power supply 24 VDC
. Serial ports RJ45 RS485/232 multiprotocol
. Mini-USB port, Memory Stick, USB keyboard
Magelis STO
. Touch screen 3.4'', 200 x 80 pixels, 2 versions 3 colours (green, orange, red) or (white, pink, red)
. Tool free mounting with Magelis Spring Clips
Possible communication :
. Serial port
. Zelio link
. Ethernet
Magelis STU
. High definition colour screen TFT QVGA 3.5'' and 5.7"
. Tool free mounting, using the Schneider Electric « push button system diam. 22 >>
. Ethernet port RJ45 10/100 Base T
A new generation of Small Panels
. Revolutionary mounting
with Magelis Spring clips for the STO and a "push button" system for the STU
. Communicative
Equipped to communicate with the Schneider Electric as well as third-party products.
. Cost-effective
Both, fast mounting system and unique software, contribute to cut down the global cost of your installation
. Simple Machines
. Infrastructures
Magelis XBT GH - Advanced hand-held Panel
The Magelis XBT GH hand-held graphic panel meets your demand for maximum safety, integrating the best components:
. Drop resistance in accordance with IEC 1131-2
. IP65 body
. Dead-man switch (3 Safety positions for operator protection)
. Key switch to secure the terminal start-up
. Emergency stop button, IEC60947-5-1 for machines requiring a safety level up to SIL3
. High quality VGA TFT analogue colour touch screen 5.7'', 65 k colours
. 11 function keys with insert labels
. One hand carrying capability, left or right handed
. Lightweight (1 kg max)
. Dedicated soft cable (3 or 10 m) with a junction box
. Communication interfaces with Serial line, Ethernet, USB and CF slot.
Mobility, Operability and Safety!
. Mobility:
One soft cable providing easy and fast connection
. Operability:
One portable graphic terminal to control and maintain securely your industrial applications
. Safety:
One safety control system integrating the best technology
. Industrial Machines
. Infrastructures
Magelis XBT GK - Advanced Touchscreen Panels with Keyboard
Ultra-flexible user interface
. Touch screen and keypad keys configurable simultaneously or separately.
. Function keys customisable with labels (Fi keys) or associated screen pictograms (Ri keys).
. Industrial pointer to execute precise commands on-screen.
. Alphanumeric keypad using mobile phone keypad principle.
. 3-colour LEDs associated with function keys to signal command status.
. Improved key sensitivity for visual machine control.
Communication capacity
. Serial ports, USB ports, Fast Ethernet ports.
. Audio output.
. Compact flash card.
Dedicated to severe environments
Magelis XBT GK graphic terminals share their technical characteristics with Magelis XBT GTs. Ultra-flexible, they can be configured and controlled to precisely match your requirements. Particularly designed to operate in severe environments, they offer the reassurance of optimum control on keypad as well as touch screen! Easily programmable using Vijeo Designer software, Magelis XBT GK faithfully reproduces your dialogue in all circumstances.
. Complex machines, severe environment, machine safety.
. Metal industries.
. Mining.
Magelis XBT GT - Advanced Touchscreen Panels
Comfort in use and operating facility
. High visibility screen with TFT 65 536 colours, STN 4 096 colours or Monochrome 8/16 grey levels, according to the model.
. Accurate analogue touch pad
. Adjustable contrast et brightness
. Multi-windows with pop-up
. Up to 40 fonts (Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.)
Set-up facility
. Compactness
. Quick mounting with tool free spring clips
. USB ports to connect your peripherals, to increase your connections, and to save time in your data transfer
. Compact flash cards up to 4Gb
. Easy Interchangeability with previous Magelis XBT G
Outstanding openness . Numerous communication ports (serial lines, Ethernet, etc.)
. Multilink capability on all communication ports
Perfect readability, even in strong sunlight
. 5.7" screen with high brightness thanks to a powerful backlighting and a specific nonreflective treatment for the applications under bright light such as sun (brightness doubled compared to a standard screen: 1000 cd/m2).
And some news
. Video display & record on your Terminal
. Remote visualisation of your application pages on PC with a simple internet Browser.
Perfect visibility on your applications
The entire family of new graphic Terminals Magelis XBT GTs are now available in screen size 3.8 - 5.7 - 7.5 - 10.4 - 12.1 and 15'' .
Open, you choose the size that meets your requirements and communicate freely.
Compact, simple and robust, etc. Magelis XBT GTs join forces to improve your productivity.
Applications . Industry: compact machines, handling systems, food & beverage machines, etc.
. Infrastructure & automation in buildings
Magelis XBT GTW - Advanced Open Touchscreen Panels
(Windows XPe)
Graphic terminals with touch screen display available in three sizes :
. 8", 12" and 15"
Multimedia capabilities with installed Media Player
. Streaming Video, Webcam management and sound from an integrated output.
Web functions
. View all Web pages locally or remotely for easy diagnostics and maintenance.
. Dual Ethernet, compact flash card slot, 4 USB ports, PCMCIA slots on the 15", access all the PC world peripherals: USB storage units (memory key, external hard disc, DVD player/burner, etc.), USB user interface (keyboard, mouse, etc.),PCMCIA communication card (wireless network, etc.).
Comfortable user interface
. High definition display of sensitive colourful touch screen.
. Wide viewing angle up to 160°, optimum contrast and brightness.
. USB port on front panel.
Simplified upgrading thanks to dimensions identical to Magelis XBT GT.
Access standard software with Windows
If the Magelis XBT GTW terminal is already familiar to you, it's because it uses a Windows environment and allows you to navigate freely on the Web. Associated with Vijeo Designer configuration software, you multiply its potential and benefit from true multimedia functions.
. Complex machines.
. Automotive.
. Infrastructure & automation in Building.
Magelis XBT N, R, RT - Small panels
High visibility display
. Display units with 1 to 4 lines, 5 to 20 characters
. Large-size characters
. 3-colour back lighting (green, red, orange)
. Looped text scrolling
Open to international applications
. Multiple languages: ASCII, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese and Chinese
. 128 customisable characters
. Text import/export for translation
. Number of languages for your application limited only by the memory of your Magelis XBT
. Large choice of user interfaces
. Touch screen/keypad or keypad only
. 8 to 20 keys
. Customisable and configurable key using sets of labels
. Only one software for the entire compact range: Vijeo Designer Lite
. Minimum size
. Easy to integrate, to assemble and wire
To optimise your machines, a direct link between Zelio logic and Magelis XBTN ensures you benefit from all the HMI functions.
A generation of simple terminals
Display text messages, or semi-graphic screen, perform diagnostics, control and adjust your control system devices... the Magelis XBT N, R, RT brings you greater convenience and ease of use, with a substantially reduced size. With the new Magelis XBT RT, you benefit from a touch screen and semi-graphic display.
. Simple and compact machine builders.
Harmony XVGU - USB tower light for Magelis advanced panels
Your Magelis advanced panel is configurable by Vijeo Designer and is equiped with an USB port, Harmony XVGU is made for you !
Harmony XVGU is an innovative monolithic tower light with USB cable connection, easy to configure, easy to install, and with an unique design.
. Easy to configure User configuration is done on location through Vijeo Designer on Magelis™ HMI devices which also intelligently manage all power and signalling.
The 256 signalling patterns provide the users with much needed flexibility and gives clear visibility into the status of their machines. Flexible settings include:
> 64 colour combinations based on red, orange, green, and blue
> flash patterns that can be set to fast or slow
> buzzer tones that can be adjusted to sound at low, high or constant level, or set to be inactive
. Simple installation No wiring is required between the tower light and the HMI advanced panels. Harmony XVGU comes with a pre-assembled USB cable that is very simple to connect directly to the HMI. Two mounting techniques are available – 100mm pole mounting, or direct mounting, both methods require fixing plate which is delivered with the tower light.
. Unique design The Harmony XVGU tower light is a unique, one-piece LED tower design, Ø 60 mm, with a built-in USB cable provided with a clamp to prevent unintended removal. Fully transparent, the tower is constructed of three colour signalling layers and a buzzer unit.With only two reference numbers to quote, the order process is very simple.
An intelligent tower light configured through HMI
Harmony XVGU is an innovative and intelligent monolithic tower light, very easy to configure throught the HMI and very easy to install while no wiring is required.
Automotive, Food, Beverage & Tobacco Machinery, Machine Tools, Materials Handling, Semiconductor Machinery
Magelis HMIZ - USB illuminated switch for Magelis HMI
Magelis HMIZ is an intelligent illuminated switch that makes you save time and money. Very fashion for your machine, it is more visible than alarming on HMI screen and allows quick access to acknowledge the alarm. It enables blind or repetitive operation thanks to its "click" feeling, and can possibly be used as a mobile device to avoid to go back to the HMI.
Either used as alarming console, or used as function keys, the 5 multi-color LEDs are configured with Vijeo Designer true your Magelis HMI.
Save money and time
. No wiring between the HMI and the remote alarming switch --> direct USB connection
. No extra power supply to buy --> HMIZ is powered by the HMI USB port
. No long time to configure --> configuration is made easy with Vijeo Designer
. Quick access to operations of alarm acknowledgement by pressing the integrated function keys
Improve aesthetic of the machine
. Make your machine nicer by choosing the most relevant place and orientation for you illuminated switch thanks to its Ø 22 hole.
. Clear the front of your machine front by avoiding to split too many buttons and pilot lights.
Alarming very visible
. More visualization of alarming than on a HMI screen
Magelis HMIZ is an innovative illuminated switch very easy to configure through the HMI and very easy to install while no wiring is required.
Machine tools
Materials handling
Machinery for food, beverage, tobacco and temiconductor