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Reporting Softwares

Virtual Reports
Virtual Reports is the industry's most open reporting tool with a powerful standard reporting package design to help you improve plant operation and management by utilizing an integrated decision analysis solution such as Virtual Reports, businesses can analyze performance and more effectively manage changing demands.

"Virtual Reports" communicates with Citect SCADA while it is in runtime, and read data from its variable tags, which are selected by the user, and store the data in selected time samplings. This data will be used for further use like generating reports and analyze the production. And, Of course, it can communicate directly with the PLC, in this case user has to create tags in the "Virtual Reports" as in PLC Programming software(ex: Unity Pro).

It Provides customized reports like
> Event-based Reports
> Time-based Reports
These Events and Times can be configured based on user requirements.


> Powerful reporting tool across the enterprise
> Easy to install and configure
> Functionality out of the box
> Fully integrated solution for reporting and decision analysis

PAC & PLC Programming Software

Unity Pro - a SoCollaborative software for programming Modicon PAC
Unity Pro is the common programming, debugging and operating software for the Modicon Premium, Atrium and Quantum PLC ranges. With its five IEC61131-3 languages, all debug tools and diagnostics, Unity Pro is made for increasing your development productivity and ease of maintenance. With Unity Pro, your software investment is optimized, training costs are reduced and you benefit from unrivalled potential for development.
Increase your productivity through heightened awareness
Unity Pro is so Ingenuous that it creates your application standards making it easy for you to reuse in different applications and increase productivity and quality.
Unity Pro is built upon software standards for Openness and opens the door to a fast and easy collaboration with other software tools of the project.
. Manufacturing control
. Batch Process control
. Infrastructure
Concept - IEC Programming Software for Quantum and Momentum
Windows environment
Concept provides advanced Microsoft Windows based tools that delivers a multi-language development environment for control system programming.
Uses familiar, standardized editors bundled in a single application to create and integrate PLC control, communication and diagnostic logic.
IEC languages
Five IEC editors give users the freedom to choose the programming language that fits their application requirements: Function Block Diagram (FBD), Ladder Diagram (LD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Structured Text (ST), and Instruction List (IL).

New features for 21 CFR 11
Password dialog, Write Restriction List, Auto-Logout, Log-File encryption, Secure Application Flag.
High performance IEC 61131-3 development environment to optimize PLC performance
Concept is the ingenious programming environment designed specifically to deliver optimal productivity from your high performance control systems.
Process control applications for:
. Process control/ Pharmaceutical/ Food & Beverage
. Quantum PLCs
. Momentum PLCs
. Atrium coprocessors
PL7 - IEC Programming Software for Micro and Premium
The PL7 software range has been designed to develop your Premium and Micro control system applications. It offers the following features:
En conception
. Application-specific modules with no need for programming
. A choice of 4 languages
. Predefined functions
. Reutilization of DFBs
. Availability of the latest version
. On-line modification
. Code animation
. Application and data debugging
The simple, high-performance solution
Designed for setting up Modicon TSX Micro and Modicon Premium PLCs, Telemecanique's PL7 software range is distinguished by its simplicity, offering more productive design functions, high-performance debugging, as well as easier operation and diagnostics.
. Machine & manufacturing control
. Infrastructure
ProWORX 32 - 984LL Programming software
A comprehensive suite of tools
. ProWORX 32 provides everything you need to start, configure, test and complete your project - quickly, reliably and professionally.
32-bit processing
. Utilize the power of state-of-the-art operating systems for optimal development and operational performance.
High performance
. ProWORX 32 has been designed for the power of today's modern PC's to deliver new capabilities and unrivaled usability. With more speed and greater memory, ProWORX 32 has been re-engineered into a high performance, high productivity tool.
Auto program conversion
. Convert older Modsoft and Concept programs automatically.
Project emulator
. The project emulator provides the ability to test projects prior to running them in the PLC run-time environment to ensure your system will run at peak efficiency.
The future of 984 Ladder Logic
ProWORX 32 is the flexible, easy-to-use cross-platform programming software for Modicon range PLCs. It gives you the power to program all your Modicon controllers online or offline, manage your I/O subsystems, and analyze your plant's activity in real-time, all in a familiar Windows environment.
. Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP
TwidoSuite - Programming software for Twido
. Sofware that works the way you do!
The first programming software that is organised according to the development tasks of your project, Twido Suite offers you navigation that it becomes second nature!
. A modern style!
Discover a truly modern interface that is simple and intuitive, making implementation more user-friendly, quicker and more efficient.
. Work cleverly!
. Faster: in the blink of an eye locate the information that you require due to a simplified interface.
. More efficient: thanks to the numerous tools and tips offered.
. Full compatibility:
TwidoSuite assures worry free continuity of your applications previously created using TwidoSoft.
. LIST or LADDER, select the language suited to each section.
New LADDER editor: never has the creation or modification of a LADDER program been so efficient!
And everything becomes clear ...
Simply smart, resulting from a study relating to ergonomics, TwidoSuite has been developed to assist and simplify all your operations with the aim of significantly reducing development time.
Twido programming software:
. Designed for your simple and varied applications comprising 10 to 100 I/O and also assures evolution of your automation systems.
Zelio Soft - Zelio Logic configuration software
. Real programming using FBD (functionnal Block Diagram) function block or contact language (LADDER)
. Detection of any programming errors with its coherence test function
. Simulation and monitoring modes: test the program in real time, with or without the smart relay connected to the PC
. Supervision windows: enables viewing the I/O states of the smart relay in your application environment
. Downloading and uploading of programs
. Edition of personalized files
. Automatic compilation of programs
. On-line help
Programming freedom Zelio Soft speaks your language!
Extremely simple and user-friendly, Zelio Soft software makes it easy to configure your Zelio Logic smart relays: a quick and safe programming thanks to the programs tests.
With unequalled flexibility, it answers all your requirements with real programming using function block (FBD) or contact language (LADDER).
Multilingual and open, it is compatible Windows 95-98-2000, NT 4.0 SP5, Windows XP Pro...
Operating & Monitoring Software

Vijeo Citect - a So Collaborative software for operating and monitoring
. Vijeo Citect is designed for control engineers, production managers and system integrators who are looking for powerful and flexible SCADA fully integrated with the Schneider equipments.
. Vijeo Citect is tightly synchronized with the Unity PLCs applications in order to provide a consistent object view of the system.
. Both centralization and localization are reconciled through the clustering. The cost of the control rooms as well as the manpower are optimized without compromising on close-to-process system functionality. Clustering also can reduces to split sites into reliable sub-clusters to increase overall system capacity or spread system load.
. An intuitive visualisation tool for analyzing alams and trends data that sits in the Vijeo Citect system itself delivers actionable insight to the operator faster.
. Plants remain up-to-date thanks to the latest Windows technologies.
Made to suit your application architecture
Together Vijeo Citect and Modicon PLCs enable customers to increase return on assets by delivering a highly scalable, reliable control and monitoring system.
Easy-to-use configuration tools and powerful features allow end-users and system integrators to quickly develop and deploy solutions for any size application.
Water and Waste Water, Food & Beverages, Mining and Minerals, Oil & Gas, Metals, Power.
Vijeo Designer - Vijeo Designer
Dedicated to Magelis HMI configuration, Vijeo Designer software is a standout performer.
. Remote access to your HMI thanks to the apps Vijeo Design'Air and Vijeo Design'Air Plus :
* Vijeo Design'Air enables you to Connect to your HMI remotely for an interactive mirror view of your application
* Vijeo Design'Air Plus, enable you to get a fully operable view of your application from wherever you are
. Video view and record function
. View your images in real time from a camera connected to Magelis XBT GT/GK and GTW or iPC
. Encoding/ decoding of your sequences with recording on demand in MPEG format on your Magelis XBT GT/GK and GTW, or in AVI format on your Magelis iPC.
. Simultaneous viewing of recorded and real time sequences
. Display of the third party MPEG format streaming on Magelis iPC
Simplify your maintenance operations
. Web Gate remote access function: handle your HMI applications via a simple internet navigator using architecture Ethernet.
. User-friendly data exchange thanks to the Data Manager function
. Self download from FTP server to transfer a new project
Intelligent Data Service add-on
. Full and safe processes, compliant with the traceability requirements of the FDA 21 CFR part 11 norm thanks to dynamic dashboards or report printing: traceability of the key values of the process and of the operator's actions, IDV secured file format
One single software for an entire range!
A software range to cover your Magelis HMI application design needs : Vijeo Designer Lite for Magelis XBTN and XBTR, and Vijeo Designer for Small Panels, Advanced Panels and iPC.
Thanks to their user-friendly interface, it also offers functions such as multimedia capabilities and remote access for more efficiency.
. Simple or complex machine builders (automotive, electronic components, pharmaceutic products, chemical).
. Tertiary industry and infrastructure: building, food and beverage, water and waste treatment.
ClearSCADA - SCADA software for telemetry and remote SCADA applications
ClearSCADA is an open software platform that provides powerful features for remote management of critical infrastructure. It's scalable for large enterprise environments and effective for small systems alike.
Historical field data is collected by single or redundant servers over dedicated long-distance communication infrastructure and made available to local and remote users via integrated clients and third-party data management applications.
Control costs, maximise productivity, while ensuring secure and reliable operations across wide area network
Control total cost of managing and operating remote assets:
. Object-oriented development environment with on-line configuration changes
. Built-in SCADA functions with integration to Schneider Electric Telemetry offer
. Scalable and flexible SCADA architecture design
Ensuring secure and reliable operations across wide area network:
. Secure protocols offering no loss of data and reliable communication over WAN networks
. Built-in multi-level security management
. Triple redundancy of Server and LAN
Maximising asset productivity and operational efficiency:
. Easy integration to business systems (ERP, Asset Management software...)
. Integrated to asset production optimisation solution (ProductionPlus)
. Integrated diagnostics and predictive maintenance
Oil and Gas
ClearSCADA is ideally suited for upstream production and midstream distribution where customers have many remote assets such as flow computers and RTUs. ClearSCADA includes built-in drivers and a polling engine for all major equipment manufacturers and can export flow computer data to external reporting packages, such as Flowcal, PGas or production accounting systems.
Application: Enhanced Web Access & Reporting
Realised Value: Reduced cost of ownership through web-hosted customer service site. Improved operation & compliance through real-time delivery of critical operational data.
Water & Wastewater
ClearSCADA is designed for telemetry applications commonly found in the water industry such as pump up and pump down control, sewage lift station, tank/level measurement and control, and wireless instrumentation
monitoring. Its real-time database and integrated polling engine means customers do not need to use a separate software package such as an OPC Server or a Master RTU as the data collector to communicate with remote devices. The enterprise software is optimised for low and high bandwidth communication links over public infrastructure, such as mobile networks, WiMAX and dial-up land lines, and is well-suited for private serial and Ethernet radio networks.
Water System Monitoring & Control
Realised Value: Reduced cost of expansion through use of intuitive, easily replicated and deployed, object templates Improved operator use through user-friendly, easy-to-learn interface and local language support.
MES & Information Management Software

Ampla Express - -
Ampla Express, built on Schneider Electric's leading operation management software equips you with the information you need to achieve your energy KPIs. The software is designed to assist in the optimization of energy usage and production processes. Two applications of Ampla Express are available - Ampla Express: Insights and Ampla Express: OEE+E (Overall Equipment Efficiency + Energy).
The Insights option is designed to provide users with a complete, meaningful representation of energy usage in the production environment.
The OEE+E module combines OEE, a well understood metric that can assist in the optimization of production processes, with an energy component to maximize the effectiveness of your assets.
Features at a Glance:
Improve process efficiencies
The continuous improvement of process efficiencies within a plant is a key component of effective energy management. Ampla Express: Insights provides an accurate overall picture of a plant's inputs and outputs, including materials, consumables, energy, waste, emissions, reject and product output without the time,
errors and costs often associated with manual data entry. This information can then be used by management to help them make better, timely and more informed decisions for improved process efficiencies.
Calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Actual production process performance can be mapped in order to set KPIs and viewed on a graphical dashboard display. The dashboard shows instant measurements such as performance, total CO2-e, CO2-e per output unit, total cost per kWh, kWh cost per output unit etc. Additionally, Ampla Express: Insights can show the trend of these measures over time so that management can gauge the impact of improvement initiatives or operational changes.
Optimize OEE Understanding OEE enables managers to optimize production processes. It facilitates the benchmarking of key production metrics, such as availability and performance, that, when influenced, can improve production efficiency.
Availability considers actual operating time as a percentage of planned production time. Performance takes into account the rate of production, that is, actual units produced in a given time frame, compared with expected production.
Stabilize energy usage
Ampla Express: OEE+E enables operations managers to make continuous energy improvements by analyzing energy usage over production output. This is facilitated by setting energy efficiency as a KPI that compares target energy consumption with actual consumption. In addition, it links energy usage with actual consumption causes. With this information, it is possible to identify new savings opportunities, stabilize energy usage, order new equipment and improve operating procedures. By reporting on energy overconsumption events, Ampla Express: OEE+E breaks down complex issues into common causes and helps managers to achieve maximum asset optimization.
Ampla Express can be commissioned in a very short timeframe. Pre configured templates mean that manual engineering time is drastically reduced.
Our SCADA & MES Global Support offers exclusive online technical support for support customers. Please contact your local Schneider Electric Representative for more information on these great benefits
. Accerate energy based decisions
. Manage energy consumption
. Identify opportunities to reduce energy wastage
. Continuous improvement in efficient energy consumption
OEE + E:
. Gauges OEE and displays it as a KPI for monitoring and improvement. When combined with the additional energy-related knowledge, asset optimization is achievable
. Connects to multiple plant and business systems, collects required data and presents it as easy-to- understand, real-time intelligence for productivity analysis, data mining, querying and reporting
. Tracks OEE with energy over consumption events in the same context
. Is a simplified, out-of-the-box application that can easily integrate with existing automation architectures
. Combines power and energy data
. Near real-time power monitoring capabilities
. Tracks energy costs using utility model rates
. Automatic near real-time logging for an accurate production picture
. Single point of entry for manually entered production values to reduce errors
. Graphical dashboard display to visually present KPIs, trends etc.
. Compliant with industry standards, (ISA-95, OPC, B2MML)
. Reduce plant stoppages
. Identify and account for 'hidden' slow running events
. Reduce production inefficiencies
. Increase asset utilization and equipment uptime
. Decrease overall cost per production unit
. Identify bottlenecks and deliver data on variations and stoppages
. Reduce Energy Consumption
. Identify energy reduction opportunities by analyzing energy consumption data in production contexts such as operating crews, product lines, material grades and recovery rates
. Identify potential energy waste conditions by capturing, summarizing and visualizing root causes
. Make better informed decisions on viable energy savings using validated energy data
Vijeo Historian - a SoCollaborative software for data storage and reporting
Report generation
. Wide variety of reports thanks to Microsoft interface, in numerous formats PDF, Excel..
. File sharing
. Conformity of reports to current standards.
. "Drag-and-drop" functions.
Data recording
. Automatic synchronization on server of active data in the event of server failure.
. Optimisation of exchanges between SCADA and database by an advanced compression algorithm.
. Data availability in application view
. Recipes
. Secured system
Visualize your data in original version Gateway between the factory and production management, Vijeo Historian software takes you into a familiar universe. Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ergonomics, it adopts your application view to provide reports and recordings on your databases. Simple to use, it combines performance and security in a totally integrated offer.
. All industries who need to record and keep production data, in order to take the right decision.